Wigwam Classic Pics


The Wigwam Classic founded in 2006 in Litchfield Park Arizona has attracted teams from across our nation to compete in safe and competitive environment.

In recent years the Wigwam Classic has grown to over 100 teams respectfully. Providing every aspect and national feel of a big event. The Wigwam Classic hosts its Opening Ceremonies at the Wigwam Resort and Spa nestled in the heart of the City of Litchfield Park. The Opening Ceremonies showcase the spirit of the Wigwam, with a team banner contest and essay contest. A DJ provides the music for the dance party and local Hair Salon Perrys provides a fantastic hair show. Game play begins on day two and everyone is ready for a weekend of competitive volleyball. Teams receive awards ranging from team placement to all-tournament team selections, to individual players that capture the essence of competition and fair play.

The Wigwam Classic is the Crown Jewel that started it all!

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