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Arizona Power League and AAU Officials

The Arizona Power League is proud to launch it’s Officials program through AAU Volleyball. We are looking for dedicated, hard working individuals with integrity and a passion for the game.

  • All Officials have to register with the AAU and complete the certification courses listed, all courses are free of charge, and will certify you for the upcoming 2021 APL season.
  • APL Officials will be verified utilizing their current AAU Officials certificate and AAU Membership card.
  • APL Officials are paid per match completed which is determined as best two out of three at the rate of $25 per match.
  • APL Officials are individual contractors and are paid at the end of each event.
  • Interested Officials must submit an online registration form along with fee found at the bottom of this page to be considered.
  • Once registrations and certifications are verified you can order your official APL Officials polo and jacket.

AAU Officials Information:

The AAU Volleyball Executive Committee is pleased to announce the launch of a national training and certification program for AAU volleyball officials.  After successful pilot programs, this national launch will make training available to members across the country. 

The certification program includes online training modules and an exam as well as in-person observations.  The overall program will be rolled out in phases with the initial efforts focusing on officials without previous certification in club volleyball.  Expansion in the future will provide higher level training and certification opportunities for experienced officials. 

For more information on the program, please contact Brad at 612-709-2396 or  Complete details are available at

For additional information, please refer to the links below.

To start your certification, please visit 

’20-21 Scorer Training

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’20-’21 Referee Training (R1)

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’20-’21 AAU Referee Exam

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How do I become a referee?
Tournament assignors are looking for referees who have current sports liability insurance, a passed background screen and also have completed state requirements for concussion awareness training.  They’ll also expect potential officials to have completed rules training and be invested in on-court training, too.

AAU membership offers a convenient avenue to meet these requirements!  AAU membership includes a background screen and liability insurance to members for AAU licensed events.  Additionally, AAU offers an officials website where online training is available at a low cost to members.  Both membership and online modules are an annual requirement for referee certification.

In an effort to obtain match offerings in your geographic area, try some of the following: 1) reach out to fellow official(s) for information on who assigns the matches they receive 2) ask tournament director(s) for the contact information of their assignor  3) search online for volleyball assignors, referee organizations, etc. 

The final step in certification is being observed while you are working.  These are often called “ratings” and provide the official with feedback to help them continue to grow and improve.  Often Introductory ratings just withhold the match fee to compensate the trainer(s), so there is no out-of-pocket cost to the official.

STEP 1 Click here for AAU membership (must be 18 years or older)
Select GET A MEMBERSHIP and then chose the NON-ATHLETE (official) option.

STEP 2 –  Click here when you have a current AAU membership and know your AAU Membership ID number.
Create and user ID (use your email as your username) and purchase access to the paid training portion of the site.
NOTE:  AAU has a Membership ID lookup feature, to use Click here

STEP 3 – Click here to register for observation at an AAU approved rating event.  Options for the current season will be added/updated as locations and dates are identified.  All 3 steps are required for full certification – aka “get a patch”.

NOTE: The need for on-court observations decreases as an official’s rating becomes higher.  Step 3 is not required every year.  However, AAU Membership and online training/testing are annual requirements to maintain certification.

When can I register each year?

AAU membership runs from September 1 to August 31 each year. To be eligible for a refereeing assignment, you must hold a current AAU membership for that membership year.

I lost my membership card, how can I download a new one?
Registrants needing a replacement card can use the AAU membership lookup website to print a replacement.

What is the proper uniform?
Navy slack with a black or navy belt.  White socks and white athletic shoes.
Appropriate polo shirt approved by assignor/tournament, as multiple options are available.

In absence of a ‘Certified officials’ polo (blue, grey, or white) or an AAU Official polo, a plain white polo may be worn. 

NOTE: Tournaments may provide apparel – t-shirts, polo and/or jacket – to officials during an event. 
While appropriate (and encouraged!) to wear at that event, it is not appropriate attire while officiating future events.